Available in 20 Days, at the best price.

Concessional financing

E.g.: €5,000, 48 installments, €123 per month. And 50%, you deduct it. 

High acoustic insulation

Thanks to the high sound insulation, you will be able to completely isolate yourself from the outside world.

High Sound Insulation

The fixtures  Drutex will allow you to enjoy your new home.

In complete silence.

Energy efficiency

With DRUTEX you can greatly improve the energy efficiency of your home by reducing heating costs and increasing the value of the property.

All the colors you want

Thanks to over 30 color shades available, you will find the right match with your decor.

Wide range of colors

You will be able to best match the Drutex Fixtures with your home furnishings.


Drutex fixtures have features such as steel reinforcements, perimeter hardware, provision for anti-theft sensors and special glass that make them unique in terms of safety.

Maximum Security

With steel reinforcements, perimeter hardware and special glass you have maximum safety.

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    Do you want to give a touch of elegance and functionality to your home in Rome? Imagine yourself surrounded by the uncompromising quality of Drutex Windows, a brand synonymous with innovation and unparalleled style. In Rome, Saliscendi Scuderi offers you the opportunity to elevate your home environment with the refinement of theDrutex fixtures, an investment that promises not only high-end aesthetics but also practical solutions for everyday challenges related to thermal and acoustic insulation.

    Drutex Windows embody an impeccable synthesis between contemporary design and advanced technology, projecting your home into the cutting edge of modern architecture.

    Thanks to Saliscendi Scuderi, in Rome you can access a complete range of Drutex fixtures, characterized by high quality materials and meticulous attention to detail. The distinctive element of Drutex windows is their ability to solve crucial problems, from the thermal insulation that protects you from the Roman elements, to the acoustic insulation that creates a refuge for peace and tranquility in the chaos of the city.

    The Drutex brand has earned a global reputation in the world of fixtures due to its dedication to innovation and quality. Saliscendi Scuderi, bringing this excellence to Rome, offers you the opportunity to enjoy fixtures designed to exceed the most stringent standards.

    Whether you are looking for windows for a new construction or for a renovation project, the Drutex Windows supplied by Saliscendi Scuderi represent the ideal choice for those who do not want to compromise between aesthetics and functionality.

    Experience the luxury of well-lit and protected environments, thanks to the Drutex Fixtures that transform your homes in Rome into true refuges of elegance and comfort.



    The 5-chamber system has excellent thermal insulation parameters. The solution, extruded by us, is made with a snow-white class A profile, produced exclusively with virgin material, a guarantee of the highest quality. The system is perfect for hot or cold climates.



    The drutex window is the perfect choice for those looking for an ideal solution for large and elegant terrace and balcony windows. It not only adds a unique character to the interior, but also offers exceptional functionality.

    Thanks to its incredibly sturdy structure, this sliding system can accommodate doors weighing up to 400 kg.


    This room stands out for its elegant design and thin frame and door profiles. It offers a unique 5-chamber structure that enhances both aesthetics and functionality.

    Compared to conventional systems, this innovative solution features a 32% narrower mobile upright, which allows for a greater influx of natural light into the room.


    Advantages of Drutex PVC windows

    Drutex PVC windows offer numerous benefits that make them a popular choice for homeowners in Rome and its province. Here are some of the main advantages:

    Energy efficiency

    One of the main advantages of Drutex PVC windows is their exceptional energy efficiency. Thanks to their 5-chamber construction and EPDM seal, these windows minimize heat loss, helping to keep your home warm during the winter and cool during the summer. This translates into significant savings on energy bills and also helps reduce environmental impact.

    Acoustic insulation

    Drutex PVC windows also offer excellent performance in terms of sound insulation. Thanks to their structure and the high-quality materials used, these windows significantly reduce the noise coming from outside, offering a quiet and comfortable environment inside your home.

    Design and customization

    Drutex offers a wide range of styles, colors and coatings to suit every customer’s tastes and needs. From wood finishes to special effects, you can customize your Drutex PVC windows to match your style and the look of your home. Furthermore, Drutex PVC windows are available in different shapes and types, allowing you to find the perfect solution for every context, from renovation to modern style design.


    Security is a priority when it comes to windows and doors. Drutex PVC windows are equipped with profiles with steel reinforcements and high-quality perimeter hardware, guaranteeing a high level of anti-burglary security. You can sleep soundly knowing that your home is protected from unwanted intrusions.

    Profiles and glass

    Drutex PVC windows use 5-chamber frame and sash profiles, produced from high-quality material and with a width of 70 mm.

    These profiles offer a solid structure and excellent weather resistance.

    Drutex PVC windows can be equipped with different types of glass, including high thermal insulation, tempered, laminated, shatterproof, decorative and solar control glass. Furthermore, it is possible to apply double glazing with a low thermal transmittance coefficient, ensuring a further reduction in heat losses.

    Spacers and hardware

    Drutex PVC windows come with galvanized steel spacers as standard, which help improve the thermal performance and durability of the windows.

    It is also possible to opt for Swisspacer Ultimate thermal spacers, which offer a further reduction in heat losses. As far as hardware is concerned, Drutex PVC windows are equipped with MACO MULTI MATIC KS hardware, which offers a high level of security thanks to the standard shatterproof pins.

    Furthermore, you can choose between different hinge and handle options, ensuring a design consistent with the style of your home.

    Colors and coverings

    Drutex PVC windows are available in a wide range of colors and coatings, allowing you to customize your windows to suit your taste and the aesthetic appearance of your home.

    From white finishes to wood tones, from bright tones to colder colours, you can find the perfect combination for your home. The colors and coverings of Drutex PVC windows are made with high quality Renolit films, ensuring excellent resistance and durability over time.

    Finestre in Pvc Drutex
    Finestre in Pvc Drutex
    Finestre in Pvc Drutex
    Finestre in Pvc Drutex

    Drutex showroom in Rome

    If you are interested in Drutex PVC windows in Rome, we invite you to visit our showroom at Via Vaccarizzo Albanese 85, in Rome.

    In our showroom you will be able to see and touch Drutex products, obtain personalized advice and discover all the options available for Drutex PVC windows.

    We are authorized Drutex resellers and we are able to deliver Drutex PVC windows within 20 days of ordering.

    Furthermore, thanks to the ecobonus, we offer an immediate 50% discount on the invoice.

    Drutex PVC windows are the ideal choice for those looking for quality windows, with high thermal performance, acoustic insulation and safety. With a wide range of styles, colors and coatings available, you can customize your windows to suit your taste and the aesthetic appeal of your home. Choose the reliability and innovation of Drutex for the windows of your home in Rome.

    Contact us or visit our showroom for further information and to discover all the options available for Drutex PVC windows.