Cleaning and Maintenance


The periodic maintenance of the window preserves its functional characteristics allowing it to be more long life and better performance.

Below you will find tips and simple tricks for the care of the fixture.


Open the window frequently to allow replacement of the air in order to avoid moisture accumulation; and improve its quality.

With the short and repeated airing little energy is wasted guaranteeing an effective exchange of air. It is suggested during the cold season to open the window for short periods (3-5 minutes) at least 3 -4 times a day and in the hours more hot of the day.


Inspect the guides and slots of the clamp at least once a year

Remove accumulated dust and dirt

Lubricate & nbsp; at least once a year the movement accessories with a special & nbsp; vaseline-based lubricant spray or antacid grease.


To guarantee good functioning and durability, your window needs to be subjected to a simple annual maintenance.

Clean the aluminum frames & egrave; very simple; & Egrave; just pass a sponge or a soft cloth wetted with a suitable neutral detergent. The detergent should not be abrasive, not ammonia based, not chlorine based (eg: bleach) or alkaline or acidic products.

It is advisable to clean aluminum surfaces when they are not exposed to direct heat sources, such as sunlight, and to use only water with a maximum temperature of 30° deg; important to make sure that there are no foreign bodies in the guides and in the slots of the window itself; in this regard, excess dust and dirt must be removed with a vacuum cleaner. The mechanical parts, on the other hand, must be cleaned with a silicone or Teflon spray.

Video dismantling ante up and down to clean the windows externally in a few simple steps.

The installation of the fixture ups and downs , given its distinctive peculiarity & agrave; d & rsquo; zero footprint and controlled aeration, & nbsp; is always more and more required in both home and professional kitchens, often also used as a half pass food.

These environments require thorough and periodic cleaning to remove grease and steam deposits that inevitably form.

& Egrave; Recommended use of paper with a small amount of alcohol to be rubbed only in the internal tracks ( see image ) where the substances tend to settle, thus; not to hinder the pressure of the clutches that regulate the movement of the doors. & nbsp;