Cleaning and Maintenance


Aluminum is an excellent material for windows and doors, it is light and ductile, resistant and easy to maintain. Periodic care of the window preserves its functional characteristics allowing for a longer life and better performance.

For advice on ordinary cleaning, you can visit our website under the Windows – Sash – Cleaning and maintenance section or click on this link

Specifically for the motorized system it is recommended to check that there is no fraying of the steel cables and every 6 months to oil them with special lubricant sprays along their entire length.

When closing the leaves, if you notice that the cable is not pulled, contact technical assistance who will adjust the limit switch so that it remains taut, in order to prevent the cable from digging over the containing pulley located in the motor housing box.

Do not lift the doors manually and do not apply objects e.g. alarm in the side parts of the leaves.