Description Sash Windows

Description and characteristics

No inner obstruction

If you are looking for a window with the minimal amount of space, sash windows will fit your needs. The extreme versatility of its components and the window control mechanism of the vertical sliding movement, make sash windows ideal for extremely small spaces, otherwise unserviceable with normal casement windows. Moreover sash windows can be easily installed in place of the old wooden windows.

Reduced maintenance

Due to its sliding system designed with self-lubricating accessories and with springs factory-calibrated to the dimensions and the glasses requested, no annoying creak or jam will disturb you anymore. Furthermore if the slightest problem arises, it can be addressed immediately as each component of the sash windows is easily accessible both for maintenance or eventual replacement.

Controlled ventilation

You can forget the concern of listening your window shutters bumping at the first unexpected gust of wind. Sash windows allow you to adjust their direction and the amount of air entering and leaving the house, thus avoiding health problems or an excessive consumption of fuel for heating and having benefits from the elimination of the air drafts that cannot be controlled with the classic casement windows.

Convenience and safety

Unlike casement windows that can be opened and closed by the wind, sash windows give you the possibility to decide to open or close the shutters as much as you prefer with a very easy upward or downward movement. In fact you can move both shutters of the sash windows to the required height. This harmonious movement is obtained through two spring equilibrators, placed on the sides of each shutter, which guarantee maximum safety.

Easy cleaning

Not only you can regulate the width of the openings as you please and the lock system is totally hermetic, but you can also deep clean sash windows inside and outside with a procedure suitable for all. Few and simple movements of partial disassembly of the windows are enough whether you want to clean the glass or substitute it with an insulated glazing or a laminated glass.

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