Aluminum wooden windows

URBAN | the Modern – Different – Natural window
The minimal Urban aluminum wood window

Urban is a unique window of its kind, where design and refinement are combined with technical solutions and performance, an “evolved” window to respond to the most varied architectural solutions. Small in size, the Urban window represents the current style of the window in Italy, where concepts such as: design, energy saving, greater brightness in the rooms and living well-being have become commonly used. Today when we talk about a window we no longer simply mean an object that must isolate us from the outside world, but we want a window that helps us save on our bills by reducing energy consumption, we want a design element that actually furnishes our home, we want to have light in our rooms without having to worry about consumption and/or privacy.

The urban window is the expression of a style that is particularly sophisticated and flexible today, because it is suitable and required in private residences, offices or shops, both for city environments and for locations outside metropolitan contexts.


The Prestige series wood-aluminium window is an optimal solution for those who, without wanting to give up the warmth and naturalness of a laminated wood window, want to combine the practicality and versatility of aluminum cladding.
The Prestige series is presented as a natural evolution of the wooden window, and it is thanks to the great experience and knowledge of this element that Sidel, through its research and development office, has conceived, designed and created the Prestige series.

Its main feature is the load-bearing structure made of laminated wood as if it were an all-wood window and the subsequent application of external aluminum which acts as a protective shield. Furthermore, it should be noted that the external aluminum has a considerable thickness as it is made with a closed box profile so as to give strength and greater safety to the internal frame.

The huge advantage of the Prestige series is that you don’t have to give up the benefits and beauty of wood but at the same time you no longer have to think about its external maintenance even when the windows are installed in particularly adverse climatic situations, such as in the presence of the sea , walls heavily exposed to the sun and/or pouring rain. Furthermore, thanks to the union of these materials it is possible to create totally personalized fixtures, combining essences and colors, so as to obtain increasingly refined and unique finishes.