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High Sound Insulation

Vacuum Glass for Window Frames

they redefine energy efficiency

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Vetri Sottovuoto

Unique characteristics Ug = 0.4

Safe and long-lasting thanks to minimal weight.

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New installations

Vacuum glass can be installed both on new frames and during home renovations and therefore on existing frames.

Suitable for all uses

Suitable for renovations and new implementations.

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    In the context of modern construction, energy efficiency and living comfort represent two fundamental pillars in the design of high-quality fixtures. Vacuum glass, thanks to its advanced technology, offers optimal solutions for improving the thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings, significantly reducing energy consumption and increasing the comfort of internal environments.

    How is vacuum glass for fixtures made?

    Vacuum glass is composed of two sheets of glass separated by an empty space, in which air is extracted to create a partial vacuum. This configurationminimizes air conduction and convection, resulting in superior thermal insulation compared to traditional double or triple glazing.

    Furthermore, the production process of these glasses follows rigorous quality standards which guarantee their durability and resistance over time.

    Some Advantages of Vacuum Glass for Window Frames

    Energy Efficiency

    The adoption of vacuum glass in the windows allows a notable reduction in heat dispersion during the winter months and incoming heat during the summer periods. This translates into a lower need to use heating and air conditioning systems, with a consequent reduction in energy costs for families and businesses.

    Acoustic Insulation

    In addition to thermal insulation, vacuum glass offers excellent sound insulation properties. They are particularly effective in reducing noise coming from outside, thanks to the vacuum which acts as an impenetrable barrier to sound waves. This feature makes them ideal for buildings located in dense urban areas or close to noise sources such as busy roads or airports.

    Safety and Protection

    Vacuum glass is designed to also offer a high level of safety. Their sturdy construction and advanced sealing technology make them difficult to break. Furthermore, in the event of breakage, the glass fragments tend to remain adherent to the intervening film, reducing the risk of injuries.

    Environmental Impact of Vacuum Glass

    The use of vacuum glass contributes significantly to reducing the environmental impact of buildings. The decrease in energy consumption translates into reduced greenhouse gas emissions, aligning perfectly with international sustainability regulations and eco-efficiency objectives.

    Durability and Maintenance

    Contrary to what you might think, vacuum glass is extremely long-lasting and requires minimal maintenance. Their resistance to climate changes and atmospheric agents guarantees a long useful life without significant degradation in performance or aesthetic appearance.

    Practical Applications and Customization

    Vacuum glass is suitable for a wide range of applications, from private homes to commercial buildings and offices. They are available in different sizes and can be customized with surface treatments or paints that improve their performance or aesthetic appearance, according to the specific needs of the customer.

    Integration with Other Technologies

    The flexibility of vacuum glass allows it to be easily integrated with other innovative technologies, such as those relating to home automation systems. This allows for optimized management of the fixtures, further increasing the energy efficiency and comfort of the rooms.

    An Investment for the Future

    The installation of vacuum glass for windows represents an intelligent and far-sighted investment for anyone who wishes to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of their home or workplace. With their numerous benefits in terms of thermal, acoustic insulation, safety and environmental impact, vacuum glass confirms itself as one of the most effective and sustainable solutions in the field of modern fixtures.

    Choosing vacuum glass means making a responsible choice towards the environment and the future of the planet, while ensuring an optimal and pleasant living or working environment.

    Finestre in Pvc Drutex
    Finestre in Pvc Drutex
    Finestre in Pvc Drutex
    Finestre in Pvc Drutex

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    In our showroom you will be able to see and touch the Vacuum Glazed Fixtures, obtain personalized advice and discover all the advantages and uses.