New system with window grating + shutter


Combined fixture with an imposing size, ideal for villas and isolated buildings.
Thanks to its double armored structure, the Superblind combined frame guarantees safety while preserving the brightness and airiness of your home. Even when the shutters are open, the combined frame guarantees maximum protection against intruders thanks to the presence of an intermediate grille.
The SUPER model COMBINED WINDOWS is certified for CLASS IV BURGLAR RESISTANCE according to the UNI EN 1932 standard.
This product is made entirely by hand, taking care of every detail with extreme precision.
The frame is made of press-folded sheet metal and is equipped with variable padding according to the different functional needs. The minimum size is 100 mm.

The lower part of the frame is closed, upon request, by means of a rectangular tubular section with dimensions of 40 mm by 25 mm and a thickness of 20/10.
The holes for housing the bolts, the slots that house the hinges, the holes that receive the ends of the lock rods and lever bolts are made on the frame.
The doors are made from a frame formed by press-bent profiles of our production with a thickness of 20/10.
The triple expansion Bunkerlocks type lock with European cipher cylinder protected against external attack with a 4 mm plate and upper and lower locking terminals is mounted on the leaf that opens, while the two bolts are mounted on the receiving leaf. upper and lower lever.
4 bolts made of turned steel are fixed to each leaf which, by inserting themselves into the appropriate seats on the frame, ensure the anti-tear and anti-lift function.
As regards the internal design of the grates, all the elements used are in galvanized steel (30×8 mm plates, Ø16 mm rounds, etc…) and furthermore, being entirely designed and produced in our factory, it is possible to personalize it, by use of a laser technology capable of engraving iron plates with a thickness of 8 mm with maximum precision.
The insertion of decorative elements such as studs, welding covers, spheres, rosettes and curls helps to give the product a particular style and dynamism such as to be customizable according to taste and needs.

On each of the two doors of the grate, an armored shutter with fixed or adjustable slats is mounted, which is housed in the Security Grate, thus forming a double armored frame.
The doors are made from a frame formed in the lateral parts of slotted type 15/10 thick galvanized steel sections, with chamber dimensions of 60 mm by 40 mm with 20 mm anti-burglary ledge, inside which inserted steel slats with a 50×10 mm section, the locking of which is ensured by special punching and by the insertion of a Ø 7 mm steel rod. The doors are equipped with a central band made of pressure-bent galvanized sheet metal with a thickness of 20/10, suitably shaped.
On each of the two shutters is mounted a lock of the triple expansion type with tilting lever and latch, with a European cipher cylinder, protected from external attack with a 4 mm plate and upper and lower locking rods; the two upper and lower lever bolts are instead mounted on the receiving door.

4 bolts are fixed to each leaf, made of turned steel which, by inserting themselves into the appropriate seats in the profile of the safety grate, ensure the anti-tear and anti-lift function.
The hinges are of the 4 mm thick stamped type, or so-called adjustable “drop” type, with self-lubricating internal chamber, steel pin with double thrust ball and adjustment dowels.
There are a total of 8 hinges, of which 4 are fixed to the Grata doors using screws and threaded inserts and 4 are welded to the frame.
The installation can take place by means of adjustment registers with special self-drilling screws or alternatively by welding directly on the subframe, that is, with a self-supporting frame; with fixing on masonry through the use of chemical resin dowels.